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Rush, NY 14543
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G&G Window Repair is a family owned business that has a wide knowledge of window improvement and repair. We take pride in meeting the diverse needs of our commercial and residential customers. Whether you are selling your house and need a quick fix or you want to preserve and historically restore your windows, we can do it all.

Our goal is to provide our customers with options. We will inspect your existing windows and provide you with free and professional evaluations. This evaluation will contain a repair option, an improvement option, and a replacement option. Whether your current windows are wood, vinyl or metal they can be improved and made energy efficient as a new replacement.

Many window companies are in the business of selling new windows and do not offer improvements or other options. In most cases you waste money by removing your old windows and installing new.

Our Residential crews are EPA certified to handle Lead Hazards, and all workers have OSHA 10 hour safety training. If you need a Lead Abatement contractor for your Residential or Commercial needs we have trained and licensed supervisors and workers for the job

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