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Balance/Spring - Balances, also called Springs, are found in double-hung windows. They are what holds the window in place when it is open.

Doorlight - Doorlights are the windows that are often found on the sides of front doors. They are typically tall and thin in width.

Glazing - Glazing is the material that holds the glass in place within the window frame.

Grids/Grills - The two terms are often used interchangeably. They give windows that grid or box pattern. They are either in between two panes of glass or they snap on to the window from the inside.

Header - A header is the top rail of the frame on windows and doors.

Jambliner - Jambliners are usually on wooden double-hung windows. It's a removable liner with springs that fit into the jambs of windows and allows the window to operate and tilt-in.

Operators - Operators are found on Casement and awning windows. They are the mechanisms that open and close the window.

Plane Down - This is the process of sanding and shaving down uneven wood. It is a common fix to windows that are warped or have paint build-up.

Rail - Windows and doors have 4 rails, or sides. One on top, one on each side, and one on the bottom. Rails are usually wood and make up the frame around the glass.

Rollers - Rollers are found on sliding windows and doors.. They are the piece that helps the window/door open and close.

Ropes - Ropes are typically found in older single-pane wooden windows. They are attached to a weight inside of the wall and operate on a pulley-system to help open and close the window.

Seal Failure - When desican fails, or the glue sealing around two panes of glass fails, air and moisture get in between the panes of glass. That buildup causes condensation or fogginess to form.

Shoe - Now these aren't the shoes you wear on your feet! These shoes are usually found in vinyl windows. Shoes connect to the springs as well as the bottom of the window.

Weatherstripping - Weatherstripping is a key part to keeping air from entering through cracks around windows and doors. Weatherstripping comes in rubber, felt, or foam.